To begin doing private lessons with  Cheer Extreme Fairfax:

You must become a member of the gym. To become a member, you must register and pay an Annual Membership Fee of $50.00. Please visit our Event Calendar to register.

Click on the events calendar then you will see a “Private Lesson Registration” link on the last day of the month. Please fill out the form completely. If you do not register before you come in for your first lesson, you will need to arrive about 15 minutes early to register through our on-site portal.

Next you will visit each individual instructor’s sign up to view their availability and sign up.

Once you click the time slot, please fill out the appropriate information and you will receive a confirmation email from the instructor. If you sign up for a time slot, you will be expected to attend that lesson each week. You are welcome to discontinue lessons at anytime, but please notify the instructor so that he/she can immediately open up the slot for a new athlete.


30 Tumble/Stunt : $40.00
60 Tumble/Stunt : $65.00
30 Semi-Tumble: $50.00 ($25.00 Per Athlete)
60 Semi-Tumble: $85.00 ($42.50 per athlete)

Each of our instructors has their own online schedule for private lessons.

Brett Hysinger –
Renee Zapinski –
Krysta Pearce –
Alexis Wilkerson –